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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Potty Thoughts - IceCream

Thanxx to Dan for the great find.

Pix grabbed from here: http://www.boingboing.net/2005/07/26/ice_cream_cups_cash_.html


  • At 7/28/2005 11:55:00 PM, Blogger dan said…

    Newspapers React Differently to 'Poo' in 'Prickly City' than 'Turd Blossom' in 'Doonesbury'

    By Dave Astor

    Published: July 28, 2005 12:41 PM ET

    NEW YORK Is "poo" a less offensive term than "turd"? Is tweaking a liberal Democrat like Howard Dean more acceptable to some newspaper editors than tweaking conservative Republicans like George W. Bush and Karl Rove?

    Whatever the reason, no newspapers -- to Universal Press Syndicate's knowledge -- pulled or edited Wednesday's "Prickly City" strip that used the word "poo." Ten to 12 papers pulled or edited Tuesday and Wednesday's "Doonesbury" comic mentioning "Turd Blossom" -- Bush's nickname for Rove (E&P Online, July 26).

    Meanwhile, a CNN.com poll showed most people think newspapers should not have dropped those two "Doonesbury" strips.

    Scott Stantis, whose 2004-launched "Prickly City" comic runs in 75-plus papers, had his Winslow animal character say in Wednesday's strip: "Why do you dislike Howard Dean so much, Carmen?" She replies: "Believe it or not, Winslow, I want a two-sided debate of ideas. An adult voice to thoughtfully and vigorously challenge the majority party. Not some freak-show monkey boy who throws his own poo." To which Winslow says: "You don't watch a lot of cable news, do you?"

    After seeing that strip, a reader wrote a letter that was posted last night on Poynter.org's Romenesko site. He said, in part: "I hope the newspaper editors who've killed this week's 'Doonesbury' for using the phrase 'Turd Blossom' have also, for consistency's sake, killed [Wednesday's] 'Prickly City.'"

    That didn't appear to happen. Another possible reason why the one-year-old "Prickly City" was apparently unscathed is that it has a lot fewer clients to potentially pull or edit it than the 1,400 clients running the 35-year-old "Doonesbury."

    The CNN.com poll, as of late this morning, shows 121,939 votes (81%) against and 28,028 votes (19%) in favor of newspapers dropping the two "Doonesbury" strips that mentioned "Turd Blossom."

    "Doonesbury" creator Garry Trudeau continued the Rove sequence Thursday without the "Turd Blossom" nickname. In the Universal comic, Bush says to Rove: "Here's the bottom line, Karl. If the worst is already out, then I'll do something to show my confidence in you, maybe give you a freedom medal. On the other hand, if you're indicted for violating national security, well, that's a very different matter!" As Rove says, "Yes, sir, I under--," Bush adds: "How does Chief Justice Rove sound to you?"

    Dave Astor ( is a senior editor at E&P.


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